Thermostats that make a clicking noise

We just had an a/c unit replaced at home and the old unit was a Frigidaire unit with a White Rodgers thermostat. 1999 model

The new unit is a Lennox with a Honeywell Thermostat.

The new unit thermostat clicks twice when the unit comes on and goes off.
The HVAC installer told me that they all do that now because of the relay located in the t-stat.

They say it’s more reliable.

Does anyone know if they all click these days? Is there a quieter one available?:shock:

I have a honeywell t.stat in my house and it does click on and click off. I was told this is a normal operation.

Thanks for the reply.

I work with about 20 of them, all programmable, all click on and off.

Is there a camera in that wall thing? Who’s watching? Is that recording something? Is it being monitored by the electric company?


That is big brother watching and taking pics;-)

Al gore order it to monitor energy use, linked to the Al Gore internet piping the information back to a secret location in TN BTW you do not need your home at 73 lolol