Identify Function of This Unit

Can someone please let me know what the function of this unit is?

It is from the power company (WPS) (Wisconsin) and is wired to the A/C unit and it’s exterior electrical disconnect. It has an antenna on the top. The A/C unit was old - 1992 (Bryant)

The label says “Power Systems Energy Management”. It was making a clicking noise about every 5 seconds.

TIA for the Info. Rick

Energy management system by the utility company to monitor the system?

It’s part of the load management system.

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Is it supposed to save electricity or monitor usage?

Normally they use it to cycle your heat/ac during high peak times. In exchange you get a lower rate for the appliances hooked to it.


Gotcha… Is there a reason it would be making an audible clicking noise every 5 seconds?

That I’m not sure of. I don’t believe I’ve ever noticed that before but might be. How loud is it? I will go check the one on my house.

I can hear it from about 3 feet away. It’s noticeable. Being winter, the unit hasn’t been run in a while. I was thinking maybe something was wrong with it.

If that belongs to the utility it’s hard to believe you’d be able or allowed to open it up.

Just checked mine and it is not clicking at all. It has a slight hum to it if you put your ear right to it. As Walter stated, these are normally sealed to prevent tampering. Mine is sealed.

It is a remote energy management unit. It belongs to the local power company.

The unit has a relay in it that could be the source of the clicking sound.

Something I should tell the client to have the Utility come check?

Thanks for your help Ryan. I appreciate it. Just looking to expand my knowledge.

Your welcome Rick. In my opinion, I would mention it if the clicking seems out of place. Not as a deficiency necessarily but as a “I noticed something unusual, you should check on it” type of thing. Or you could call the local power company and ask then if it is normal.

I’m with you Ryan. It’s not part of the Inspection as it’s a utility owned item, but it sure seemed out of place with the noise. I told them to have the Utility check it out to see if there is an issue. - Thanks again.