Some don't want to learn, change. Seller raised and sloped the grade big time

They raised and sloped the grade with, clay loooool
Duh, that added weight of the soil, especially when it rained/got wet, causes MORE lateral pressure against the stupid azz basement walls! lool God help them.
Basement waterproofing Brown City Michigan

Someone previously slapped some tar on the wall BUTT (head), backfilled with the same lousy clay soil and then, raised and sloped the grade with more clay! Yeah, there was a LITTLE bit of sand but most of that was about 1’ below grade, the rest clay.

:50 exterior corner crack (cracked parging)

1:30 exterior horizontal crack that pretty much runs the entire length of the side wall, steps up and goes around the corner

2:00 …to this BIGGER vertical corner crack.

NO interior basement system nor sump pump relieves, reduces lateral soil pressure acting against any wall, nope.

NO interior basement system repairs these exterior crack or other exterior openings hence they do not stop FURTHER water from entering.

And of course they do not stop any termites, ants,mice, radon gas etc from entering these same exterior cracks.

And, they very often charge as much and sometimes MORE than exterior waterproofing, what a SCAM baby!

Hmm, I never hear nor read anything about these kinds of exterior cracks from interior system terds or some home inspector articles or the likes of Glen Haege or Helfie-man on the radio, gee, why the fk not. SCAM.

And FER those who attempt, claim they do exterior waterproofing (like whoever applied the tar on these walls), you need to use/apply hydraulic cement FIRST, then thick mastic and visqueen and then backfill with all gravel, NOT the same shtty azz soil.