Thinking of pursuing becoming an home inspector

Hello all!

What a great website this is. Extremely informative.

Let me start with the fact that I have no prior experience in construction, electrical work or anything like that.

Now, I do have a desire to own my own business sometime in the near future. I hate working for “the man” as I am sure most of you can understand. You may ask, “What draws you to home inspection?” There are a few reasons; Namely, this professions provides variety and the chance to meet new people and learn something new everyday as well as provide a good service to people and a good living for me (assuming I am successful hehe).

I have a few questions to throw out there:
1.) Considering I do not have a knowledge base to fall back on (electrician, general contractor, etc) should I just abandon this now?
2.) If this is something that is feasible, what would be your suggested route to become competent enough to perform inspections (schooling, apprenticing, etc)

I live in Southern NH and would fully intend on getting any and all certs as can only help me sell myself and my service and do the best job possible.

Any advice on how to get this ball rolling would be EXTREMELY appreciated. You can reply here or feel free to email me at

Thanks very much!

Doug Seed

Lack of background should not stop you from entering the field. If you have the burning , you can get the learning. Frack Carrio from our own eflop committe can inform you on the requirements in your state. Good luck, and go for it.

You can turn that into your greatest asset. I started out in the same boat and consequently entered the field from a different perspective than my competitors did. It is a lot harder to break in this route but it is worth it when you have the right mindset.

Thanks for the reply guys. Any I dea on how to get intouch with that gentleman? Or maybe any reputable schools or certificate programs in my area? (Southern NH)

Frank Carrio. He is a great guy in my book.

Hi. Doug

Welcome to this Association and hope that you can manage through all the obstacles to join us.

Follow your instincts and follow up with the attributes of all the Home Inspectors Schooling available outthere to make your wish come true.

There are almost 10,000 members out there in the NACHI World to help you along.
With a last name like yours,
Seed. a source of development or growth would be a good definition of where you are headed.

Good luck and don’t shy from asking questions on this board.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thanks for the words of encouragement!! I sure will be here to pick your collective brains :slight_smile:

Since we all usually seem to have our noses in each other’s business, you may also want to pick…uh…never mind.