This does not look right to me

I saw this in the attic of the inspection today. Should the duct bend that quickly comming out of the air handler?

100_2904 (Small).JPG

Craig, I’m not an HVAC guy but it looks ok to me. Unless the Flex duct is compressed enough to restrict the airflow it shouldn’t matter. How was the airflow? Anyone have other thoughts?

It’s ok


It’s standard installation, but its not right. That flexduct looks to be close to 50% closed off with that kind of bend and the way it is strapped with no saddle is not per installation design by the flexduct Manuf.

Flexduct is designed to be curved/sloped, not bent/broken. The Manuf’s. design is for the airflow to ride the interior spiral design. Sheetmetal ductwork (Rect. Duct or round pipe) allows the air to tumble by volume. Spiral duct, whether Flexible or Metal, is the most efficient design for airflow, unless it’s installed like your picture.
Keep in mind, one duct won’t make that big a difference in the whole system, but usually a lot or most of the other duct runs are installed the same way, and that’s when the system really boggs down, performance wise.
I always write it up.

Try this site. It has the information you want.

This is a return air duct. It appears that the installer is attempting to put a bend in the pipe to reduce sound attenuation through the duct system. It does not seem to be excessive air restriction in this design for concern. There are more than one return air branches and return air ducts are oversized to start with in many cases. A static pressure tests can be performed if necessary.

I am much more concerned with the fact that the HVAC system is not level. The condensate drain pan in the air-conditioning coil will not properly function and will flood the interior of the equipment.