This is how to properly support stair ..NOT!

The image will tell it all. Yep! Just one 4X4.

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So…is that your own back entry door Roy ? :wink:
MacGyver would be proud…


Looks like a manufactured home. I wouldn’t call that a stair. It is supporting a tread, well half of it. Accident waiting to happen. LOL

Does it need a rail?

They did a good job measuring/cutting the stringers too.

Those were pre-cut from the big box store… :flushed:

It looks like the have some kind of angle bracket attaching the stringer to the skirting…That’s good?

  1. It’s hard to tell, but is that a metal stringer bracket in the shadow under the top tread? If so, that may be supporting the stringer.

  2. Are those 2x10 treads (9.5") on pre-cut stringers designed for 2x12 treads? Treads should be 11" deep

3)treads need to be supported every 18" or so and it looks like the steps are a lot wider than 18". these steps will be springy.

4)The door looks like it opens out, over the stairs. There should be a landing at least 3ft deep.

  1. no paint or stain observed. recommend protecting the wood to prolong the service life of the steps.

  2. no handrail

  3. open risers have gaps more than 4".

  4. only two screws used per tread, should have 3

  5. It’s Florida, I’m sure there are more things wrong, just out of view of this picture :rofl:

You got that right Bert.

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The stair tread is holding up the 4x4, not the other way around Roy! :grinning:

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Yeah. Looks like a bracket. But who wants to bet on how it’s attached?

The 2X4 is nailed to the trailer wall and the 4X4 is nailed to that.
No place on a trailer to nail anything.

Like I said before, the bracket is nailed to the 2 x 4 which is nail to the skirting. That should hold it, eh? :flushed: