This is this message board's 60,000th new thread!

And we now have over 3/4 of a million posts.

Onwards and upwards!

I feel warm and fuzzy.

I missed it again…

I can still hear those words of encouragement on the day we said we’d launch our own message board… “You’ll never get your 100th post.”

The person who made that prediction must have been gazing into a faulty crystal ball. LOL!

I remember that day as well
“That NACHI would never amount to anything… why waste our time???”


The magazine (before the web) was cool tho…

Dont forget the iNACHI newspaper.

PETER DOANE!!! … Dude, welcome back to InterNACHI!

Where have you been?


Hi Peter. Good to see you.

Welcome back Peter. :slight_smile:

I remember waiting for us to reach 100 registered users. We got to 200 much faster than we did 100.

And I am glad you are still with us Greg.
It was a no brainer for me in 2004 as to which Association to join with. There was no comparison even back then. :slight_smile: