This message board just got its 600,000th post!



We hit our 500,000th post on May 20, 2009. That means that our most recent 100,000 posts were made in only the past 265 days.

way cool:p

Still a great source of information (and entertainment!)

I remember that when you kicked off the non members who were attacking NACHI right and left that the nay-sayers said… NOW the NACHI message board is DEAD!

No one will post!

Moderation will kill this message board! It will be a ghost town!

Some “Ghost Town”… 100,000 posts in 265 days! WOW!

It sure is refreshing to see NACHI members who have not posted in a long, long time come back to our board! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Frank and hope the # increases.:slight_smile:

That was mostly Billy. :shock:

So exciting am gonna say it backwards “WOW”

I remember years ago, the owner of a competing inspection message board responding to our announcement that we were launching our own message board, said: “You’ll never get your 100th post.”

HaHa suckers. :mrgreen:

Maybe he meant… 100 per day! {Yeah right} :wink:

[FONT=Arial][size=3]1000,000 post in 265 days = 377.35 so… The NACHI message board certainly exceeds the 100 per day quota!:stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the Good Work!:nachi::nachi::nachi:


Way to go Nick.
Also Kudos to “Chris The Web Master” & all others who are part of the NACHI web team.

AWESOME! It’s over, Johnny!

Just topped 650,000.

Just curious…who are the top ten overall posters?

Go to the Community link, click on User List, click to sort by # of *Posts: *

Looks like I lost my #1 slot to Mr. Larson. :mad:

Well nice to see I am in the top ten of something in this World. :mrgreen::wink:

Well I remember back on the 3rd of September, 2002 when I joined, all the naysayers about how it’d never fly, never get off the ground.
Just a few posts then, not much activity at all.

How many of them are still around?

Patience and perseverance!