InterNACHI's inspection message board tops 1.1 million posts.

Onwards and upwards!

The future is ahead and the limits are only those that we place on ourselves!! Press on wild man , press on!!!

And if you cleaned up the message board and didn’t allow all the attacks, threats and other garbage, you would still be number one. So the sheer number of posts means nothing since a large majority over the past year have done nothing but damage businesses, reputations and the organization as a whole.

Everyone thinks the message board is full of what they focus on. Members interested in technical issues think it is full of technical posts. Members interested in business and marketing think it is full of those posts. Negative people look for and see negative. Positive people look for and see positive. Do a little count of 100 random posts, I think you’d be surprised to discover what category most posts fall into. I focus on marketing so I mistakenly thought most posts are about marketing (because that’s what I’m interested in). I was wrong too.

So you think that attacks against individuals, other businesses, other inspectors, tasteless sexual statements about fellow members, threats against fellow members and their businesses are all ok as long as it helps the nachi message board achieve some notoriety?

Newer members making choices to market in certain ways are coming under attack. Long time members being attacked for various reasons including their own attacks against the newer members. Vendors vs Inspectors, Inspectors vs Vendors. Hatred feeding hatred.

Sorry, but the last year has done damage to the reputation of this organization and some members. Glad you are proud of the garbage this message board is spawning. It greatly dilutes the good this message board has done and can still do.

Fill a 10 gallon bucket with 2 cups of excrement and top it off with fresh spring water. Sorry but it is still sewage. Hate to say it, but since some cannot control themselves, it is time for message board moderation.

I’m on the message board a lot, and I just don’t see that stuff. There are some repetitive threads where the same members go to complain about the same thing over and over and over, but it just isn’t that interesting to me. I see mostly technical posts, roofing and electrical in particular. Man there sure are a ton of electrical threads.

Anyway, here are the threads from the most recent posts from this forum from today and this forum isn’t even a technical forum:

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InterNACHI’s inspection message board tops 1.1 million posts.
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47 year old old steam boiler

The technical forums are packed full of technical threads.

You might want to think about why you focus on the 1 in 200 weirdo posts and work on that.

Well said , Sad to see these attacks … thanks … Roy

I suggest you click on each forum and scan the thread titles. That weirdo crap comprises 1/200th of this message board. It’s interesting to see what different members focus on. I’m guilty of it myself. I think the message board is mostly full of marketing threads. It’s only when I do a real survey where I count and categorize threads do I realize that I’m horribly mistaken. Each person’s brain works differently and so each person focuses on that which they actually enjoy. Don’t take my word for it… do a little informal count for yourself. You’ll learn something about yourself.

That’s all good, but those threads have very few post. Which is the topic of this/your thread.

Here is a sample of recent threads with the most post.

			**Breach of Client Privacy**

Great Article on Client’s Breach of Privacy
The Home Inspector Pledge
Do not delay become a CMI today

I don’t even see it in those threads. I was on the CMI thread all day and I didn’t find anything distasteful in there. Certainly no “attacks on other member’s businesses” or “sexual content.” Maybe I just skip over it unconsciously. Like I said, every brain works differently. Weirdos attract weirdos, and their attention. Roofers attract roofers, and their attention. I think some believe that if two members have different opinions, the thread is unfit for viewing. Nonsense. Human beings aren’t supposed to agree on everything.

And of course any thread that is a discussion based on statements of opinion vs. statements of fact (like the technical threads are mostly) is going to have more posts because it can’t be resolved as easily as a roofing issue.

Sorry Nick but your supposed inability to see the huge number of posts that are of the same variety I listed, IS the problem. The hits are all you want, whether they detract from the members and the association or not. It’s been that way for years but has gotten worse in the last year. You are allowing the message board and value of being a nachi member to decline everyday you let this continue. Maybe you handed the reins over to Chris because you saw the writing on the wall.

But then again, maybe that is why you are pushing cmi more and more.

Either way, as long as this continues or escalates, the value in nachi decreases.

Look at the 4 thread titles Cameron posted (note that none of them are technical threads). Each one is pretty clear in what the thread is about. So for you to focus on what’s in them, means you must be seeing the thread title, correctly predicting what you’ll find within it, and reading it anyway… despite having thousands of other totally benign threads available to you (don’t make me list them all). That which you claim to dislike is irresistible to you. You can’t help yourself even when you know where not to look. What’s that say about you?

You remind me of a person who complains that there is nothing but porn on the internet. :roll:

So once again you are saying you don’t care these posts and the attitudes that spawn them, proliferate your supposed professional message board?

I guess the urge to see a more professional demeanor means nothing… all in the name of message board hits.

Light your pipe. More smoke coming… :roll:

Well, I definitely believe you when you say you scan over some things. That was Chris Currins that posted those thread titles. :smiley: :smiley:

I have found this message board to be a great resource. Amazing at times the many answers that are offered for various questions. Many times, however, the threads turn into personal attacks, depending on who chimes in. Not every thread, but more than it should be. Best thing to do is read the first page of responses and overlook the rest. I have seen some posted questions that go south pretty quick and never truly get a decent answer. Hopefully anyone new to this forum and the business spent get discouraged by some of the lack of professionalism displayed at times.
Just my two cents

I agree Gregory. I’m there are many who don’t post or ask questions because they are turned off by the kindergarten turn some of threads take. I simply ignore and move on since no matter what type of forum board you go to there is something like this. Its the way of internet and everybody has the right to voice opinions but having several threads of it isn’t necessary

glad to be a part of it, the more posts and clicks, the better.

You already have moderation. The message board has clear navigation throughout. Go where you want to.

Now lets say hypothetically you hate HVAC posts, find them to be disgusting and don’t want to involve yourself with them. Don’t go to the technical section, don’t click on the HVAC forum, don’t find an HVAC thread, don’t click on it, don’t read those disgusting HVAC posts, and if you accidentally find yourself reading them… stop. This “Before I knew it, I found myself on stage, handcuffed to a chair, at a strip club” stuff is pure nonsense.

You are your own moderator.

Next time you see that scenario… take a close look at the opening post… many times they are incomplete and do not offer even a modicum of information with which to provide a decent answer. Oftentimes, requests for additional information go ignored, or take a few days to weeks to be given.