This is why we dont operate tpr valves

I was writing an article about the importance of the tpr valve discharge pipe installations and flushing your water heater. Here is why we dont operate them on inspections and a few other pictures you might find interesting. The water discharging onto the oil tank is from the tpr discharge. It took me a while to get the valve to stop spraying.

So what else did you write about in those pics???

Nothing its only about tpr discharge pipes and flushing your water heater

There is a lot there to write up Jeff :wink:

That’s my house. My home inspector did not tell me about the safety hazard with the water heater.

When are you going to fix the multiple issues?

Before or after you try to sell it?

LOL how could I fix them after I try to sell it. I just bought it. I am not selling it anytime soon. I will need a new water heater before I sell it.

When a buyer hires a good home inspector and makes you as part of the deal.:wink:

I would not sell my house the way it is. My home inspector was crap. He told me a few things in front of the realtors that were the opposite of what he put in the report. He inspected my house in 45 minutes.

Ask for your money back.:frowning:

Meh. Its not worth the fight to me. I’m ok knowing I am now stealing business from him.

So tell me what else do you see in the photo.

Well… the uphill drain line is one obvious concern…

Well that is the obvious thing. It also goes down in size and breaks like every discharge pipe regulation there is. I did not see too much else though and these guys made it seem like there is a myriad of things.

And about that 1/2" copper :frowning:

And the unsupported wiring

Now…aren’t you glad you shared with your fellow Home Inspectors.:wink:

We are one picky bunch:shock:

LOl yeah Im not worried about that other stuff. Its original piping. If it lasted 60 years who am I to say its not good enough.

Not to mention the improper termination…

Since this is your house, you can say this, but I hope that’s not your attitude when inspecting a property for someone else.