This new forum open to all to sell and buy anything (well, almost anything).

Look out Craigslist! :smiley:


Will there be a separate URL for this forum…

Like maybe… :wink:

How much are you selling the door prize for, from the scottsdale az meeting that you stiffed an ashi /nacho member on??:frowning:

WOW, someone is pissed about not getting some MICRO testers…

I will be the first I guess to test the classifieds…I have ITAs Inspect-now software that I do not use and it is transferable. Whats the bid?

:smiley: Dan has so much hate but nobody to share it with. :mrgreen:

Good Grief !!! cant we have one area where this does not happen.

1 case Speer Gold Dot 124gr. 9mm GDHP at 11/07 price.:smiley:
Yes, inspection-related . . .:wink:

This time of year shouldn’t it be

What a great concept, Nick! Thanks for making it happen.

Russell, get some GOOD ammo…Hydro-Shock is the only way to fly!

Jeff, no arguments there . . all stocked up on that & Cor-Bon, for 9, 40, 45, 380, etc . . .
just talking about scoring a case of it cheap . . . .
Like I did last month at $5 a box!

How much for the gold dots?

I picked up 10 boxes at $5 a box. I’d do it again, Stu!

where are you finding a good price on 45 acp ???..jim

Jim, I don’t think I’ve seen anything cheap in at least 2 months in stores.
Monitor your version of the Thrifty Nickel, Pennysaver, etc. has been a consistent source of affordable ammo for years, but there nearly dried up.

Between what I’ve purchased over the years, and what I’ve cast &/or reloaded, I probably have 5-7k rds of .45 ACP (and equally set in my other cals), so I’m not as concerned as many are.

This “shortage” has been going on for months -
The sporting ammo mfrs have converted over to military contracts (most of the Federal Arsenals have long been closed) and are scrambling to keep up with military demand.
Metals prices have (had) skyrocketed.
Politically . . . well, you know.

Basically, if it has not been part of your lifestyle & awareness to keep that part of your pantry stocked, it can be a shock to do so now.
But, then again, who’da thunk, 10-12 years ago, that bottled water would cost more than gas per gallon?:roll:

Hey Russ,
Is the inspection related ammo for client checks with a higher than normal rubber content or those beady little red eyes lookin’ back at ya in those Idyho crawls ? ;>)

I’m more concerned about beady little red eyes that have white powder on their attached nostrils, TJ!