This passes in the land of fruit and nuts

High (low) lights:

Gun nails into all the Simpson brackets (hangers, caps, etc.). Don’t they make a specific nail for that?
Bolts a tad bit small for the post anchors at the base. Laughable.
Lateral bracing nailed, no bolts.
Retaining(gulp) wall and what’s that? The deck foundation sliding along with it.

So out on the inspection yesterday I was questioning the structure and the listing agent was quick to produce a permit card. Permits were pulled for this? Sure enough… just called the City because I didn’t believe it…it passed final first time through.

All I can say is WTF. I’m still going to recommend a review by a structural engineer for the sliding hillside AND the piss poor construction of the deck.


That deck had permits? I betcha there may have been a deck built with a permit, but it wasn’t THAT deck… a rebuild?

Other things wrong with the CB… tell them the 1/2" hole is a good pilot hole for the correct sized one. CB should have 3" cover… doubt it’s there, even though that’s PT, most plans for patio/deck posts will req 1" gap from crete. The post/beam connector used may be OK for interior post to beam/girder, but I’ve never seen one allowed on outer perimeter. And yes… lags should have been bolted with min 3/8 lags or 1/4" SDS with min penetrations.

Then again… you never know. Jot down whatcha got and go from there :slight_smile:

Good chance! I can’t come up with another explanation. Not even a greenie inspector would miss these. Couple more pics attached. The post at the upper right corner bears down on the exterior wall - couldn’t get in to see the connection in the attic.

This deck was supposed to be built per IB211, which is here:

However, this more appropriately falls under their IB206 for a patio cover, IMO due to the height.

And THAT requires the use of 6x6 posts for a floor height of 8’ - 10’.