This person was a lucky fool! In the USA?

The guys that made this safety video probably weren’t qualified: :roll:

We would be considered lucky, if the experience left them sterile.


That guy is an idiot. At the same time, I watched that video a half-dozen times now, and it’s still funny.

It’s mostly just stupid.

If he had insulated shoes he was not in much danger of being hurt.

Now as to the number of functioning brains cells, that should be obvious.

:shock: :shock: :shock:

That was filmed where I come from and we have 240 volts, so it could have been quite serious.

However unlike the dangerous US, we have fuses in the plug for each and every appliance. So my guess is that at the end of that cable was a plug, and in that plug was probably a 3 amp fuse. Which blew.

Can you say a-hole

Hey, at least he knew not to use both hands, …creating a direct electrical path through his heart…

…Although, the title should be “Dumb and Dumber”.

  • Arc flash leaving permanent burns on the retina.
  • Arc flash exposing the eye to intense UV radiation to prematurely bring on cataracts, etc.
  • Burns to his unprotected hand(notice how he holds his hand in the later part of the movie).
  • The vaporized metal burning respiratory passages, etc.

Like I said, WE would only be lucky if he became sterile.



Good find Joe!!
You know what “they” say, “Common sense is not that Common” perfect example!

Marc actually sent the link to me on anotherr issue that was related to a Qualified Person and my proposed new definition for the next edition in the NEC.