This QE3 is going to be great for home inspectors...

Housing prices will climb straight up from here on out and QE3 (or what I call… QE indefinitely) will also make mortgages easier to get.

Great for the home inspection industry.

Not so good for savers of paper money, the poor, fixed-income retirees, or the debt free.

Big Winners: Those who have stocks, buildings, homes, raw land, intellectual property, gold, silver, heavy equipment and big debts.

Big Losers: Those who have treasuries, bonds, savings in the bank, the poor, retirees, those living on a fixed income, and those who are debt free.

Notice my message board Avatar (PIC). It’s finally coming true.

or the debt free

I don’t get this??

I think it’s time for another daily door prize…gold anyone? :slight_smile:

Being debt free or on a fixed income is about the worst thing you can be with this QE3. Better start borrowing… and fast.

Great for home inspectors or homeowners and buyers, but the rest are screwed. You thought things were bad under Carter (some of you are old enough to remember).
CPI up 1.7%. Give me a break. Gas up 10% in 20 days. With the price of milk and beef up so much I think the cows joined a union. Real inflation is goingto kill us.

Sooooo, do the guru’s recommend a re-fi now or after the election? Current mortgage is at 5.25% for 30yrs fixed.

My advice is that if you can borrow at 5.25%… borrow all they’ll lend you. You can pay it back with toilet paper (U.S. dollars) years from now when it is worthless.

P.S. Dave Ramsey is an idiot.

Home prices depend on demand for homes. Demand for homes will not rise until unemployment decreases.

People aren’t buying homes now, not because rates are too high (they are at historic lows). People aren’t buying homes because they don’t have jobs. The only way to spur home sales is to spur job growth. Until that happens, economic growth will be bumping along the bottom.

Hope for Change this November.

Maybe not…

think you are right, Nick. Just read an interesting article showing how corporations/investors will be bringing in their offshore trillions since Treasury is now the place all Mortgage Backed Securities go to die. Everybody got paid off, no criminal penalties to banks and WS, no pensioners on the street due to their investment in RE. All those fradulent boxes of tranched MBS will just turn to dust at the Fed Reserve. Fannie and Freddie are paying the big banks bonuses to turn over servicing rights and walk away. Obama has about 3 weeks to make sure middle america knows prosperity is just around the corner and Nancy Pelosi gets here speaker job back. Ten more years of prosperity before the bubble bursts.