this wall is driving me mad!

So I have this house I looked at yesterday. Built 1955. At first glance, it appears to be brick veneer. But then Im not finding any weep holes, but Im also finding metal lintels above the windows. Im also not seeing any construction techniques that are consistent with a brick masonry wall but I also know they could have used mesh or metal ties rather than using bricks to tie rows. The time period is throwing me off because during this time both were popular methods of construction. It sits on a block crawl space. What i do know is there is LOTS of spalling happening :shock: Your take?

Looks like a style of brick made to have a rough finish, it’s called “split faced”. I’ve not seen it in brick, but, walk around your local walmart as most Walmarts have that “split faced” finish block.

You are correct, but there is spalling occurring, especially on the north top wall and west wall. Still doesn’t answer whether or not this is a true brick masonry wall or brick veneer.

No lintel needed at wall with no brick above it and fifties homes usually had no flashing but used cmu behind it which seems to work well.

Looks like brick veneer to me.
Adding your profile info so we know your location helps as areas are not all the same.

What is that plastic pipe sump vent ] ?

Thanks, I am leaning toward brick veneer, even without the weep holes.

LOL, I knew someone would bring that up. This house was just full of surprises. I am certain that its a vent stack from a sump pump in the crawlspace. However, I could not verify because the entire crawlspace was flooded. There is also a “water line” like semi-flexible pipe, about 1/2" in diameter that comes from the ground, travels up the side of the house, and then penetrates the garage window casing, enters approx 6" into the garage and just stops, open ended…no idea what that was for…:roll:

It’s a brick veneer. Brick veneers require lintels above the openings and I’ve seen maybe 20 homes in 3.5 years with weep holes.

They are concrete blocks made to look like brick.

They aren’t solid, they were cast just like concrete block is. There won’t be any weep holes in it.

That’s 20 more than me…but in 8 years :smiley:

Never have come across a residential home that has had weep holes.

Sweet, thanks for the free education, coming here and reading daily is always helpful!:mrgreen:

This is a veneer.

Wood frame, brick and metal veneer.

Rowlock lentil and sills.
Lentil, above the opening.
Sill, below the opening.

Not to worry about weeping openings.
It is post 1960 and residential.
Observation: Spalled brick, note and locate the areas of concern.
Recommend: A licensed masonry company evaluate the brick veneer spalling and enact any recommendations therein.

If the veneer brick are concrete, they are solid. No holes or frog depression.

From what I remember, the concrete brick are manufactured concrete double shiner wide and mechanical press split when cured.
That gives the brick that rough stretcher face appearance.