Thought I was in Calif

Just finished watching Ok State Whip KAS and my whole house started shaking I’m Thinking Ka must really be pissed off Dam Earthquake shook for about 15 seconds first time in my life time to experience one of those

At least you didn’t suffer through the LSU - Alabama game. Yawn fest… and horrible announcers to boot.

HAHA…My Brother In Law just sent me a text and said the same about earthquake…I thought he was bs’n me

They are in Muskogee, Ok

The News is calling this quake a 5.2 but report below says 5.6 quake for the Oklahoma plains area.


Wow ,I never thought they could get earthquakes there.
Read about a minor 3.2 or something around San Fran but missed this.
Now I am thinking about Tuesday that I posted about.

Here’s the U.S. Geological Survey website that shows any and all earthquakes within minutes on a global scale.

Live for today Bob, it might not be here tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact is if we live 10-20-50-80-years or more it does not mater in the end.
Best advise is to enjoy and stay within your personal morals.

Here you go Charley.

Oklahoma Earthquakes for the Last 30 days

I had heard about the shaking there yesterday, I think it was a 4.7, but was not aware that the area was having so much activity. A shallow 5.6 will definitely get your attention.

Got my attention I was trying to log on to my computer and my monitor started shaking. Wife ran outside thought a truck had ran into the house. I ended up with some wall cracks News this morning calling the quake a 5.6 we have tornadoes not earth quakes???

Glad to hear you are still with us Charley. :):smiley:

I am sure Mr. Pope will call that a baby quake and for Ca standards I’m sure it was but I just wish he would keep them out there

don’t come a knockin if Charley’s house is rockin…

5.6? That’s barely worth waking up for :smiley:

FWIW - More injuries are caused from running during an earthquake than from anything else - broken bones, sprains, etc. Unless things are falling down around you, it’s best to stay put.

And for Pete’s-sake don’t go outside and look up at the high rise buildings like they did in Virginia! :roll:

Not to worry I live 85 miles from any high rises:D:D

Charley my kids are in Oklahoma City and it scared the tar out of them. For all that don’t know Oklahoma sits on the New Madrid Vault Line. Glad to see your ok.

Bet the Churches were full this am…haha