Anyone feel those earthquakes in California?

One of them was a 5.1.

Oh yea. The 5.1 shook the recliner pretty good. The wife said I think that was an earthquake so I turned on the fire scanner and sure enough it was. We are pretty far from La Habra in Temecula CA.


Been active lately, to say least :smiley:

I’m 10 miles from San Andreas… but looks like experts may be worried via an article today.

Yep…it was another “Low Baller” inspector…shook me good. LOL

I’ve never experienced one.

I am praying for everyone of you and your families out there in California. Be safe.

We have it easy out here. You stay safe in NC. I lived out there on the coast for 4 years, honestly I miss the excitement of real weather…

There are great…I love them… Lived here in So Cal all my life and have been through quite a few of them. Whittier and Northridge were very strong.
The power is unbelievable I will take an earthquake over a tornado any time!

Rock and rolla through the sofa and enjoy the shaky ride. Been through most.

Yup it was a good long roll!

I lived in southern cal all my life and have experienced many earthquakes; they don’t faze me at all anymore. Personally I’m fearful of a hurricanes, tornados or blizzard conditions.