Tile/asphalt roll roofing intersection flashing

Hey guys,

Recently finished up a mock inspection on a home that had concrete tile meeting up with an asphalt roll roofing. I am familiar with the practice of running the roll roofing a couple feet under the tile and I can tell that practice is present here, so that takes care of moisture intrusion, but is that enough? I feel like birds, lizards, squirrels, and insects could easily get under the tiles at this portion. And, regarding the last picture, the edge of the tile roof that butts up against the enclosed porch is raised enough to allow moisture intrusion. Now, this needs further flashing right? Thanks for any help and advice!

Are those tiles running sideways?

There is a lot that is screwed up on that roof…the rolled roofing is on wrong and will not last more that 5 to 7 years, or so, depending on where you are.

Refer it out to a qualified roofing contractor with repairs/replacement, as needed.


Pest entry is a consideration but is generally outside the scope of a home inspection. That doesn’t mean you can’t mention it. I agree with Larry there are some issues there. The flashing at the rake is inadequate and will leak. I’m honestly just not a fan of tile roofs. Although, I have one on my own house that is the same as pictured (HOA requirement)… and, of course, it leaks :slight_smile:


This wasn’t the best of my pictures. The first pic i have attached to the post is an edited version of this one, with it rotated to accommodate for my poor picture taking. Appreciate the help!

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That’s pretty common in Spanish tile. Google “Bird Stop” for the solutions.

And it’s less of an issue since the mass exterminations of real birds – the surveillance drone birds don’t bother nesting the same way.