Shed roof section flashing

I have read that there should be a flashing over the tiles and then tiles can be placed at the high edge to cover the flashing but does this look right ?
I had to inspect from the ground (3 stories townhouse and rain) so what is keeping water from going under the tiles ?



Does not look doubled up to me .

I’m guessing black jack and that’s prolly not going to last too long…

It does look pushed down at that outside edge.
Wish my ladder as tall enough to check it though.

Notice the skylights have hidden flashing however.


I write that up when I see it.

Good Graphic Randy.
Where were you when I was writing the thing? LOL

My questions must be too tough for this group.

Nice graphic Randy, thanks.


Here is the graphic for the end treatment.

Very nice and clear so even a caveman understands.

If we keep giving you all of the answers Bob how will you ever learn? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah now that the answers are given you can pretend you knew them.Suuuure.