Tile roofs

I am inspecting a ranch style house with a gabled roof today. Originally it was built with a asphalt shingled roof and recently redone with concrete tile. I have not been in the attic yet but I am guessing I will see the standard engineered wood trusses that are so common to Phoenix.

Any advice? Are there certain things that would normally be done to re-enforce the structure?

If the structure was not originally designed for the weight of concrete tiles, there should be an engineering record for the change in roof covering.

With engineered-trusses, it’s not always allowable to add the additional weight. With conventional framing, it’s a pretty simple process to reinforce the structure.

Thanks Jeff…if my client contacted the roofing company would they have a record of that? This is a HUD foreclosure.

Typically, no. Check with Building and Safety for permits and records.

here you can not reroof with tile unless you have an engineers report…they will not even take your app. until you have this report. I would check with your local building dept. but then again going this deep on the roof would be way over the sop…

I would recommend evaluation by a structural engineer if the client cannot produce documentation showing that the change to a heavier roof-covering material was approved by a structural engineer (for the reason Jeff mentioned).

I’ve seen pictures of rafters that broke under the weight of a tile roof. One house was so bad that the building department was notified by a HI and they basically condemned the house. Asphalt is about 2# per square foot and tile is 8-19# per square foot.