tile with no trim

Looking for some ideas on what to use to trim this tile with, I know I can use some type of a wood trim but thought someone might know of some thing that might dress it up better.

Thanks,tile 001.jpg

tile 002.jpg

tile 003.jpg David

tile 003.jpg

tile 003.jpg

Hard to tell looking at it. I assume just grouting is not an option due to the corners.

Yeah… grout will not hold up on those corners. Bullnose tile should have been used on top to trim it out. Overhang the bullnose by approximately 3/8 - 1/2 inch on top so the vertical pieces would have been kept underneath. Same with the sides. The box would have a framed look, but it would have a finished look.


A thin gold would add class ,but that grout looks discolored to me.Is it sealed?

rip it out and start again.

Unless you use a decorative matching bullnose tile on these corners, there is not much choice other than this;


Yes Bob it was sealed, maybe what you are seeing is from the camera shot

Several ways you could have done prior to where your at now, bull nose as mentioned, using a pre-set trim. I personally just like to cut the edges on 45’s or what ever you need and looks like a normal grout line. If you don’t want to start over and want to try anything, I had a friend use auto edge molding which is not as wide as the wood trim and didn’t turn out to bad. Funny as hell but was surprised on the look. Of course nothing looks as good as the right way.

They manufacture just about every type of corner-edge-bull trim imaginable if you look hard enough…believe it or not even Loews have a huge assortment of types-styles for jobs gone wrong.

MSIhas some nice stuff and they are a California company. You can find their products at Home Depot.

Black RTV, epoxy or maybe some angle hair then paint to match?

Al in TN