Tips for Wifi connection to FLIR cameras?

I have a FLIR e40bx and I’m not having much luck with wifi connectivity. Does anyone have any tips or documents they can point me to?

What device are you using to connect? Tablet or phone. Apple or android.

I always have to go into my phone to the settings and connect to the camera; sometimes I have to turn the wifi on and off to get it to recognize the camera. Also make sure your phone is not connected to a wifi network like your home or office. Check the firmware for an update too, good luck I’ve had piss poor luck with mine.

My guess is you are trying to connect both devices directly to each other via WiFi. Flir tools needs an access point (router) to assign ip addresses. This can be accomplished if your phone/tablet can act as a Hotspot as well.

There may be a way for both devices to talk to each other via WiFi without an access point (router/hotspot) but my e40bx and Samsung note tab only work if I have an access point set up.

My system I use : Cell phone turned on with Hotspot enabled. Flir WiFi turned on and connected to my Hotspot. Tablet WiFi on and connected to my Hotspot. FLIR tools on the tablet then sees what camera sees. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thanks guys, I got it working.

I’ll admit its not very intuitive, but it does work.

I quite using it because it seemed to always fail just when I needed it the most. Ticked me off to many times.

I am able to get working on my home network, but am unable without. I would like to connect direct to iphone. Is that possible? I have tried lots of stuff, but doesn’t seem to work. Is everyone using 3 devices? Phone hot spot, tablet for viewing, and camera?

If you are connecting to your phone, it has to be the hotspot. I use a program called FoxFi to make my Android phone the hotspot. The camera connects to the phone via the FLIR app when the hotspot is enabled. The FLIR app lets you view the live IR images.