Title 25 Inspections for Manufactured Homes

Does anyone have a clear understanding of what is required of the home inspector, other than the normal health and safety conditions we would look for at any manufactured home, when the park requires the inspector be a title 25 inspector?

Is there a special list or specific report?

IMO… your report needs to comply with the requirements for the program as dictated here…


Is this CA specific?

Dunno. The only inspectors I have ever heard mention it, have all been California inspectors, so…?

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To the best of my understanding Title 25 is a multitude of HUD requirements for manufactured homes and parks built prior to certain dates in an effort to insure these homes and parks are up to more current health and safety standards when being sold or work is being permitted.
What I am unclear on is the special requirements a CPI has to align himself with in order to perform these inspections when the park makes it a special issue at time of sale.

What is Title 25 in California for mobile homes?

tit. 25 § 1102, mobile home park owners or tenants are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of common areas in the park, including: Installation of gas, electrical, and plumbing equipment. Maintaining the structure of permanent park-owned buildings.

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