InterNACHI's message board should be faster (snappier) as of today.

Chris upgraded it again.

Yes, it is noticeable. Thanks

Hi Nick,

How do I edit the license numbers after my name?

I prefer it just to read “CMI” if I can.

Apparently Marcel You are a certified professional inspector and it appears that I am not…

You are on my view;

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Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)

Looks like you just got promoted… Congratulations

Me too feels great

I met Jim a while back and he is a Professional, no matter what title they give him. :wink:

The search feature is still not working well, I tried to find the tree photo post to put these pics but couldn’t find it. This is a monster cypress tree in collier county, be cool to plan a trip to find it. Original photo by J. Jeffery Calhoun. The guys in the photo are 6’2". The tree is estimated to be 500 years old.


Update your suffix on and it’ll change on the message board about 5 mins later.

I agree


Thanks Chris…

And that profile editor changes things on thousands of inspector search sites:


How do you get it to say InterNACHI Member instead of CPI?

and it’s fixed…what a country !

Now if we can just fix the students who are failing the internet by not following basic assignment skills all would be well in the universe. Hillary would be in jail with Bill, Trump would grow more brains and the climate would finally stop changing and once again all lives would matter. My Sunday words of rant, have a good one guys.:slight_smile:


Fixed is what we do to cats and dogs have you been fixed:p

You should prolly be leaving those cats and dogs alone Partner…just sayin…