TJI joist installed on wood deck

A wood and composite deck I inspected had Silent Floor TJI 210 installed for the joist supports. The home was constructed in 2006. It was my understanding that TJI are used for dry applications only. Any comments? Thank you.

I would agree with you. Call it out as non-pressure treated lumber used in exterior location.

That’s just dumb and a very easy call.

What was the climate of area? Is the deck covered with a roof system? I see these TJI joist as floor systems in low crawl spaces, loose fitting plastic vapor barrier on ground, limited ventilation, signs of ground water rise and receding after heavy extend rains, past and present moist floor insulation, and yet still found sound and stable for continued long term occupancy in homes 30 years old. I inspect in Tennessee. I would identify the manufactures specs and use for these TJI joist, if any existing compromise exists at time of inspection, and also recommend coating/paint companies that may can successfully treat or coat joist since these engineered beams are made to be nearly dry from moisture anyway. A large deck with beautiful views are inviting. Strength and stability is always my first concern.
Hope it helps.
Terry Rankin CMI

Did you even look at the photos? One can easily see the effects of rainwater flowing over the joists through the gaps in the decking boards.