TJI joists used a girted for floor system

Please give your thoughts on this installation. I don’t believe the manufacturer has approved this method. Your looking at a doubled joist without web fill used as a girder to support floor joists. Thanks, Chip

I’d be looking for design documents, because TJI’s are not designed to act or replace beam supports.
That set-up would have to be engineered.
Recommend engineering backup.

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Never seen an I-Joist used for a main support beam.

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I’d be interested in seeing how this resolves.

Here is the Performance Rated I Joists Design & Construction Manual

I’d be curious too Joe, because I have never seen that either.

Now you have me curious, too.

Chip, please let us know what you find out.

All I can say is it ain’t gonna fall down tomorrow…Nope!

Very true Roy, but the question is, “is it right per all Construction Standards”

I have some construction experience with this material, looked through all the manufactures drawings… I know the home was build in 1996… These joists are TJI …, Fire burns them quickly so fire fighters are at more risk entering structures with this light weight material than solid wood…, Its not just going to fall down but will fail quickly in a fire… I did not see any detailed drawings from the manufacture with this assembly so it has to make me wonder why an engineer would prescribe them in this manor (I would not use that engineer),… I once had an AHJ call a TJI header as wrong in the past and allowed a simple fix with web fill… I have never seen these joists used as a girder in all my years 35 years in this building trades…It’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure that simply is not so!

I doubt very much an Engineer was involved in that framing.
Also, TJI’s in a crawlspace take the exception for being covered up with drywall.

Floor assemblies located directly over a crawl space not intended for storage or fuel-fired appliances.

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Did you were able to determine that this is a main support beam for the floor joists or just stiffener added later to stabilize the floor. Either way this condition need to be evaluated.

There is a solid wood beam closer to the middle of the joist span… The footings that are carrying the tji beam match all the footings in the crawlspace.

I posted this to generate conversation for learning purposes only… I didn’t measure spans, or make finite observations, I don’t believe an engineer was involved, or or good one…

Probably close to maximum distance on joist span , so this was used to prevent future sag

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That seems reasonable.

Who would know that Brother Cyr…
If I looked at it with my own two eyes …It could be a different answer.
However, I really don’t like the pier…
If you put the thumb screws on me I would say not.