Why would you place this trim along the roof like this?


To hide the step flashing. The board acts as a counter flashing. If is is made of wood, It should be about 1" above the shingles, and not in direct contact. If is a synthetic product, it is impervious to water, and should preferable be lifted an inch as well, but im not so harsh on that. The top should be caulked well.

Agreed. I like to see the top edge beveled so as to shed the water. I’d rather see the siding used as the counter flashing like it should be but roofers won’t remove siding and choose to do it like this.

Or to hide the rotten bottom edge of the hardboard siding.


I’ve seen that more than once and it does look like fresh paint along those trim boards…hmmm…it could be worth a closer look Buck.

I don’t think I have ever not found rot on siding like that.

The horizontal board is a poor substitute for a flashing joint on this T-111 product.

The sloping trim is hiding the irregular and slopy slope cut to the T-111 and will rot behind the trim. :):wink:

There was TON of wood rot everywhere, windows, trim and the siding.

I believe it Buck and don’t doubt it at all with that crap.
It was usually installed without flashing anywhere.

I would write hard and speak softly on that one. :slight_smile:

Trim of all types are used to hide a multitude of sins (mistakes, sloppy work, missing components, rot, ruin, etc.) and to give it a finished appearance.