Today MICB adopts new 1,000 point system for Certified Master Inspector CMI.

The process for becoming a Certified Master Inspector was improved again today in several ways:

  1. Applicants must now have completed 1,000 fee-paid inspections or hours of inspection-related continuing education (combined) in their lifetime.

  2. A previous portion of a proposed formula which gave 1 point for every week in business was removed to satisfy criticism that an applicant who did few inspections and completed little continuing education could amass points by simply doing nothing over a long period of time. This portion of the formula was also removed to satisfy criticism that 52 additional points a year for doing nothing made attaining CMI too easy and that number of inspections was a better indicator of experience by itself.

  3. The requirement to take a 40 hour course from an approved school after Dec 31, 2006 has been removed. The MICB will still approve and recommend schools that offer advanced CMI courses but approved schools are no longer mandatory and an applicant can avail themselves of most any inspection-related continuing education offerings in the market.

  4. The Code of Ethics was improved again to make sure that it exceeds every known existing COE so that any CMI abiding by the Board’s COE is also abiding by all other COEs.

  5. [size=3]Applicants must now agree to [/size]substantially follow any one of the Board approved Standards of Practice (ASHI, CAHPI, CREIA, FABI, ISHI, NACHI, TREC). [size=3]Any state mandated Standards of Practice is also approved for Certified Master Inspectors[FONT=Arial][FONT=Times New Roman]® in that state.[/FONT][/FONT][/size]

  6. The application fee was more than doubled to $375 to satisfy criticisms that the CMI professional designation was some how diminished by its affordability to attain.

  7. A new and more thorough vendor to perform the criminal background checks was contracted with.

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I like it.


I use sub contractors who are licensed in areas that I am not. I do admit that complete services could imply that I am license when in fact I am not. They also contact me when they run into a client that needs my services.

Your point is made but not agreed with.

Lets get another thread going here and get this important question answered

It is sort of like the occupational license question that was batted around a while back.

I still want to know what you are smoking

If you are right I thank you for bringing up the issue.

I see that Nick has changed the CMI requirements. Are you now on board Greg??



Yea right Ricahrd I am sure that you sub out your advertised dye test.

This is nothing like your occupational license. The DBPR doesn’t investigate that. But they do investigate contracting without a license. What I think really doesn’t matter. What matters is what the DBPR thinks.

Actually it is quite common, I have a low voltage guy who advertises all the time about electrical and simply lets me price it and do it…he markets it…no violation in the law their. Ipull the permits…he just sells the service and makes a REFER fee…

This is done all the time as well for Radon and other services like Mold as well…

Thanks Nick. It is much better than what it was. I am glad that I can give up the fight on this matter.

Paul I am sure that the laws are much different here than they are in Va. Like it said it doesn’t matter what I think.

Greg…actually it is the debate and great members who cause change and progress…I think NICK all along wanted it to have TEETH…which is why he likes the debate about it…helps things evolve…

ahh…very true my friend…I am not much on FL laws…figured it was ok to sub out work in any state and promote it for a referral…my bad.:shock:

I can agree with that Paul. Your previous post.

You mean this one

Yep…method to the madness my friend…method to the madness…:slight_smile:

No you can do that but what Richard is referring to is to sub out a 50 dollar dye test on a septic system. I would think that the price would be much higher than that if two people are involved. But to be honest it really doesn’t matter if you are subing it out then you need an asterisk with a statement below that states the service will be performed by a licensed contractor. If you take the time to look at some other inspector sites from Florida you will see that many do offer that service with the asterisk. That makes everything legal. To advertise without it is breaking the law.

Oh well…their goes my chances…tehehhe…:stuck_out_tongue:

Also just so you don’t think that I am a total Ahole I did post a warning several months ago on the board about people performing septic inspections without a license.

Gotcha greg…so maybe you have JUST done a great service to members in Florida…maybe they just did not know and now will add the statements needed…if we look at it that way…YOU may have just saved alot of HI’s much headache…Congrats Fella…:slight_smile:


I will give you credit you are always looking on the bright side.

Best wishes to you and yours.


Most that have met me or know me would not even consider I would think that…everyone has passion for something…I most certainly would not think you are a “ahole”…

Most of my posts are funny and just opinions outside of the “Electrical” area where I actually take PRIDE in my responses and posts…but in topics like this I just jump in with opinions like anyone else…

Their is not a person on this board who I think is a “AHOLE”…everyone has opinions…I respect that…two wrongs never make a right…and take it from me…I have had my debates…I wont go their…but I never form opinions of people based on their posts or boards…

I do that in person…and maybe someday we will meet and shoot the fat…I love meeting the members…

oops…just as long as it is not MY fat we are shooting…I got plenty of it…:slight_smile:

Well since we are now all speaking Hawaiian, Ahole right back at you.:wink:

Nice Job Nick, but to really make it official you should post a poll. As the bar has now been lifted just above my reach I may vote.:slight_smile: