Certified Master Inspector professional designation updates:

I am pleased to announce that the Master Inspector Certification Board raised the number of lifetime continuing education hours to acquire the Certified Master Inspector professional designation to 150 today. This along with the other requirements means that only about 6% of the inspection industry qualifies for the desgnation, and far less will actually attempt to acquire it.

I am also pleased to announce that Chris Morrell has nearly completed a simple online system by which schools can independently verify the completion of their courses by applicants through use of a graduate verification code.

I am also pleased to announce that the application is changing to procure the number of fee-paid inspections each applicant has completed at the time of application for the designation. This number will be averaged with the data collected from all applicanats to determine an average experience level of CMIs. A new headline on the www.CertifiedMasterInspector.org site will provide the “Average Number of Inspections Performed by Certified Master Inspectors at the Time of Application = ____”

I am also pleased to announce some new additions to the MICB advisory board.

I am also pleased to announce that www.EveryInspector.com 's database has climed to over 51,000 inspectors.

More to come…

What does that mean Nick? That 51,000 HI’s have applied?

I gave a link to it in my post, here it is again: www.EveryInspector.com

I know how the link works Nick. What does the link specifically have to do with the 51,000 inspectors in the database? What data base? Am I in the database?

Brian, answered in order asked:

– The link explains that the database has 51,000 inspectors in it.
– The www.EveryInspector.com database.
– I don’t know, I don’t have access to it.

  1. Ok
  2. OK
  3. ??? Nick,why are you so pleased with a database you do not have access to? What about the database pleases you? By the way I am extremely pleased by Lotus Notes.:slight_smile:

Nick has seen the database. He just does not know how to access the system. Nick has a lot more to think about other than a database that is why he has MICB staff working on it 40 hours/week.


Thanx voice of Nick.:smiley: :wink:

Anytime Brian :wink:

I think the www.EveryInspector.com project, which had to be done outside of NACHI, will be really good for inspectors and consumers. I know (for example), I’ve often had to reply to an inspector seeking information about a technical seminar, only to have to sadly tell him/her that the course or seminar he/she is seeking just took place last week in his/her town, and that he/she missed it.

The industry really needed a better way… and now has it.

I’m a bit bummed that CMI and EveryInspector had to be done outside of NACHI but if it is any consolation… I promise NACHI members that my next 3 new projects are already NACHI member exclusives:

  1. REALmatcher.com lauches the end of this month (May), it will eventually take over the entire real estate Multi-List system for N. America and all the home sellers, home buyers, and REALTORs will be referred soley to NACHI members.

  2. A revamp of www.InspectorMALL.com launches in June, it of course is already a NACHI member exclusive operation with great deals solely for NACHI members.

  3. OverSeeIt.com launches in October, it is a system whereby every home owner in N. America is pre-sold on an annual winter checkup inspection performed solely by NACHI members.

  1. I’m also working on this back-burner project: http://www.nachi.org/iac2certified.htm which I only agreed to do if NACHI members, and only NACHI members, got in for free.

5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 13., 14., 15., 16., 17., 18., in que. I’m not joking.

And I’m not surprised!!!

I really wasn’t joking. Anyway, they get this bandwidth problem solved and I’ll launch a project that will add a whole new meaning to online reporting. :smiley:

Taken from [FONT=Verdana]www.EveryInspector.com](http://www.everyinspector.com/)…[/FONT]

How many Brokers, Realtors or individuals do you honestly think are going to send in $3,500.00 for a CD (list of HI’s) that’ll have to be upgraded ($100.00 per update) several times a year?[/FONT]

I really don’t think Realtors were ever the target market for this database, people who purchase our services will always be able to find us, we make sure of that.

The only people I fear who would be willing to part with $3.5K for a list of home inspectors have something far more sinister on their little minds… they want to sell you something and are daily plotting & scheming to separate you from your money, think big money, think CMI education, CMI continuing education, CMI test preparation. I am sure before it is all over we will all need CMI Preparation H to cure our vendor caused pain-in-the-a$$ issues, somebody please call me a wambulance. :mrgreen:

I would only a make a couple of these cd’s. I think you will have them for a while. Who in the world would pay for this except vendors. This seems like a bonehead idea, unless I am missing something.

If an inspector cannot be found for free from the internet, phonebook, or cards from an office, he probably will not be in business. This little plan boggles the mind.

So how come there are no cmi s yet? Is it too early to send in our application?