When not to enter a crawl space

No inspector wants to be the wimp who failed to inspect a crawl space just to make the recommendation that a greater man/woman go in there to make it safe for the fragile inspector to return. The reality of the situation is that the scope of our inspection simply does not include the time and resource needed to make some of these crawl spaces safe to enter. So think twice before entering that tangled mess of wires, ducts, bed frames and mouse traps. Instead use this opportunity to be creative, pull out your pole camera that you have for roofs and use it to see in the dark recesses of that crawl space. After all no one wants to get stuck or injured in one these places.


Ive thought about flying my drone in , but i dont want to have to retrieve it :joy:

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Options are out there.


I bet something similar (and cheaper) could be rigged up with a go-pro and an rc buggy.


Many have claimed the same and no one delivers a product. What is your idea?

Nice! Is that homemade?

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Yup, he makes a lot of the parts with his 3D printer.

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Anyone know of a turnkey product for this application? That is available commercially.

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That’s what he does. He makes them and sells them. He’s been building and improving them for years. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything better, commercial or otherwise. Go to his website. Watch his BigCrawler 360 YouTube videos.



I have seen some of your earlier models. They keep getting better and better. I like the addition of the 360 camera and more lights. This green machine is a beast. (On my Christmas list). What is the price as pictured?


I’m not trying to deliver anything, I was just thinking about duct taping a go-pro and a couple LCDs to an rc car.

Stephen produced a link though, and the product looks pretty cool. Worth consideration anyway.

The signal on the go pro interferes with the signal on the rc car. I have been there already, lol BIGcrawler%20headlights

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Testing my account

Yes, all designed, printed and assembled myself.

Thanks for the kind words Stephen.

The only time I refused to enter a crawl was when I noted there was a (newly) dead cat and a ton of dead mice everywhere. It was carnage.

I have a lot of equipment, but not a hazmat suit.

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Scot, just realized the drone was yours all along. Got my foot out of my mouth now. Thanks for showing your earlier proto-type and mentioning how my DIY idea wont work. :slight_smile:

I use a SuperDroid RPK32 for crawlspaces. It records and takes still pic’s. If I see something that does not look correct, I go into the crawlspace. Saves a lot of time, and I believe helps me deliver a better inspection.

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Better man up and get up under there…unless it’s flooded, too low to fit, or wild animals are under there or the access is locked…that’s what we’re paid to do…


Don’t forget to charge an additional fee for the crawlspace. :moneybag: