Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Roberta Dulay of Grassfrog Technologies.

A free basic home inspection website with free domain name registration and 6 months free hosting from Grassfrog Technologies. See for a description of the basic
(green) site package.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# wins.

The winner should contact Roberta at to claim.


Aurelio Roncone
Windsor ON Canada

great win Wendy


pass to me?

Awwww come on! I lost my website! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ya gotta lookat the piece o crap I have. It’s got ads at the top! YUCK!

Queen of the Daily Door Prize strikes again!

See ya all tomorrow for another great Daily Door Prize!

Son of a B**** I look somewhere else for one minute and see what hapens… $hit


Ouch! New NICKname. :wink:

You have NO idea how many times that happens to me. That’s what happened with all the awesome software. :frowning:

Thanks for the congrats though…I really did need this. I appreciate good spirits. :slight_smile:

Nick, I have a question.

The 1 877 FIND INS number…can we use that in advertising?

Steven, I really love your website. It’s VERY nice. Where’d ya get the pic of the lovely house with the awesome fireplace? VERY nice!

I like the red alot also. Great job!


There’s more to live than the NACHI daily door prize…

You gotta get out more often.:wink:

And I’m out doing it all day long every day. I drive for one of my jobs six hours a day.

Thanks for the Kudos on my website.
I used the folks at for creating my website, and they’ve been just super in accomadating any changes that I’ve asked for.
I highly recommend them for Inspector sites, as they have it all… :smiley:

I was just hoping to get another website for free for another 6 months! Oh well…tomorrows another day…

seriously how about one win per person per month



Here we go…

Ben A Guess You Agree

Lot’s a Luck Wendy !!!

Love Ya Wendy Just Let The Rest Of Us Win