Today's Daily Door Prize

My wife actually did my site.

Good job Mrs.Kevin. :smiley:

go to, they have different plans. I have the Microsoft business plan. the are very reasonable.

I’ll tell her you said that. Thanks.

You need to compare plans to see what best fits your web needs.

Thanks Kevin!

Tell her she did a very professional job. I’m very impressed.

OKay, I’ll do that. If Nick will ever post this truck. I need to potty. :wink: :smiley:

I think we are holding out for nothing here. I don’t think there is gonna be a truck tonite. :neutral:

I don’t know I think I meant to say “a little gay” but the guy snuck in.

I know, but I have company. :smiley:

Wendy if you got to go, go! I’ll hold off on winning the truck until you get back.

Uh. Yeah. :wink:

Sokay. I hooked up a Foley. :wink: