Today's Fiasco

This commercial office condo building had 25 of these water heaters all installed like this…one in every suite…:smiley:

Just got the Certificate of occupancy last week…:smiley:

I read the directions stuck to the side of one tank…it says you can’t do this…:smiley:

Some of them they went way out of their way to plumb the PVC toward the Heat Pump condensate drains to tie in…:twisted:


Me thinks you just took a whiz in someones Cheerios;)

Aw, come on Dale, it isn’t everyday that you see a vented TPR extension

Thats class work :shock:



Of course they need to install a p-trap prior to the vent.:wink:

Whoever sweated the copper piping was sloppy.

Looks like a screensaver, Dale.