Todays gem

Weil McClain boiler.
House was built in 1937. I couldn’t read the data plate as the oil burner was mounted over it but I suspect it’s original.

Ricker 043 (Small).jpg

Ricker 040 (Small).jpg

Ricker 039 (Small).jpg

Looks like a conversion from coal to oil furnace Peter.

Is that asbestos wrapped with duct tape?:slight_smile:

Peter is your new avatar “Tuckerman’s” ?

YEP! That is coal to oil and never will be safe no matter how much goop you put on it.

Yes it is. It’s already snowed twice up there this year.

My wife intends to send my ashes to the wind there!

And a respectable wind it may be! :shock:

Don’t tell anyone! :freaked-:

I’m not sure Marcel, I’m not qualified to identify asbestos… But, is sure did look like it. Every pipe was wrapped with brand new duct tape. Owner has lived there for 50+ years and all of a sudden felt the need to wrap the pipes :wink:

Seller disclosure state unknown for asbestos :roll:

Not a bad place to be!!!