Today's Inspection Continued

Here’s the pictures of the attic framing repairs I mentioned in my earlier post. Rafters had been sistered and if you can see the ridge beam, it’s less that 3/4" thick. Also there were several vertical supports added to one side and only one vertical support added to the opposing side. How would you write this up? Recommend a qualified framing contractor? Roofer? Thanks!




Here’s the roof from the outside:



What did they do, roof over an electric cable?

Jim King

What you are looking at is a definite drop/ offset of the decking. But there was a wire that came out of the edge of the roof and was coiled up hanging about eye level…and it was a live wire :shock: with just electrical tape on the end.

I wonder why they did the sistering? were the rafters cracked?

Not really cracked but the house was about 60 years old and the rafters were smaller than today’s standards. There were also a couple of additions to the home.