Todays Inspection- Kitchen Floor

Hey Guys,

IN this image the floor was obviously sloping but under the floor they had used jacks to maintain the floor. So lets see…would YOU call out this floor;-)


Anything more than 1/4 inch in a 20 foot span is not level. Yes, I report it. The client decides what he wants to do about it.

Yep…this floor was only 8-10’ from wall to wall and had a drop of about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

It’s OK if one grew up on the side of a mountain.

I’ll bet there’ll be a lot of questions about that…

ahh…the one leg shorter than the other…poor guy’s in the mountains can’t get anywhere from walking in circles.

Haven’t seen a thumb that fat since my butcher died. Are you sure the extra weight didn’t just bend the level a little? :shock:

Yes I would call it out.

Excessive sloping of kitchen floor.

It would be nice to see the pics of the jacks that were installed…

I second that motion.:mrgreen:

Here ya GO…


Here is the BEAM it was holding up, it was not attached to the flooring in any way and notice in the images the 2x4" DIYer attempt to patch the floor where it was dipping…all simply nailed up one 2 x 4 onto another.

FYI…they wrapped this in insulation to conceal it, while they left other area exposed but CAKED it around this area.

P.S. The MLS listed it as newly remodeled but no permit was taken and the electrical ( which I am kinda partial too ) was spliced and tapped and RAVAGED all over the place…poor…porr remodel attempt.



Paul, I think everthing was fine until they ran out of screw on their jack.
Did you reccommend that they buy another one? :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:


No, I recommended they have a foundation contractor look at it, the attemtps to fix the situation were half A$$ed at best so better to simply defer here.

Notice this CRACK on the same side of the house…and the gutter allowing rain to run against the foundation so in all they have other issues to content with in this situation as a whole.

The part of the house you see in this picture is the portion towards the back that has the slope. The problem under the house is in WHAT you can’t see that worries you when you see half A$$ed FLIP work.



The area is only about 4’ high…might have been some more turns in that puppy…it was the hiding everything that makes you wonder.

Excellent homeowner upgrade techniques.

No footings for the support posts (2x4’s on dirt works great), no beam pockets at beam ends, no vapor retarder on the insulation and it appears that they made an attempt at making this space deeper by removing dirt from this area.

I doubt if there are proper footings under the block foundation, either.

Let’s see, what else?

I would have had a blast on this inspection.

Paul; Judging from the cracked block foundation and chances of water leakage, I think this is a call for the rescue by #54](

2/2/07, 6:52 AM
john bubber

ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: