Yesterday's Inspection

Weird…water coming from can lights in the kitchen…hmmmm-----:lol:

I’m pretty sure they are not supposed to do that Dale…:slight_smile:

Is that one of those rain forest fixtures?

I’ve seen this on “Tales of the Rich and Famous.” It’s a lighted water fall. Very pretty.


Reminds me of an old Three Stooges episode.

“Hey Moe, someone stuffed all these wires in the pipes.”

It would be really neat that if they turned on a light switch, the toilet would flush!

Man the picture is dead on my end lol the luck I have sometimes. :slight_smile:

Hey Dale, I had the exact same thing on a recent new home inspection. All the trades were on site doing their final punch-outs to get ready for closing. The landscape crew turned the water on to test the sprinklers and water started pouring out a can light in the kitchen. The plumber cut a huge hole in the finished kitchen ceiling to find a pex water line repaired with duct tape! Someone had driven a nail through it and I guess they thought duct tape would hide it:shock:. Funny thing is I was doing my final video tape that I use for my own records. It’s X rated due to language:D

“Hydro-electric” ?

You have to post up the video. I need a good laugh today.:smiley:

I believe so, however, the other fixture is not producing the rain, it (the other fixture) must be defective. :wink:

It is extremely funny. Especially the part where the plumber says there’s no *%&$ way he’s going to pay for this:D. It’s a long video, if I can figure out how to clip and upload I’ll give it a shot.

Call in a TN Thermal Imaging Home Inspector.
If you didn’t locate the water leak and extent of damage, we will!

I know Ben Kelly in Reves ,TN. is just sitting around fighting Real Estate Agents for finding such things every day!

Give Ben a call and get him out of my hair! :wink:

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Man, you guys are hilarious----:lol:—:lol:

The comments are funnier than the look on the buyers face when he started screaming TURN THE WATER OFF----:shock:------:lol:

I’m guessing a main water pipe tossed it’s cookies between the first and second floor “during testing”-----:cool: