Todays inspection...what a dump!

And to think this is what $40,000,000 buys you…

Good thing I have $2,000,000 insurance in case something big goes wrong…LMAO:D

Check out this electrical!

What a freakin work of art…

Oh sure Russel why don’t you rub it in a little more.
Even our best place here in SSM does not compare to that freakin work of art.:mad:

That job pay your annual salary??

That looks like Elin Woods new crib.


Not on the water? I wouldn’t have that piece of crap.

That place is almost just like the Manufactured home I inspected today. Except it’s completely different :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s on the gulf of mexico

40 million and they fill the pool with a garden hose!!

Holy Cow! Nice pad. How long did it take your team to inspect it?

Well then I might reconsider.

I dont know many electricians that would even be qualified to inspect the electrical… and I know a lot of electricians…