Today's Lesson: How to remove a bearing wall - Flipper Method

Today’s miracle of engineering - making a 1957 ranch an open floorplan at minimal cost because you’re going to stick someone else with it.

The old lumber used to be under compression because they used to transfer the roof load to the bearing wall. The new lumber is under tension because the roof is now supporting itself and the joists whose ends are now floating over the middle of the ceiling. The creative use of brackets is pure artistry.




Good marketing material as to why you need a good home inspection, possibly a good lawyer.

Deal Killer!

Wow! :shock:

what did the ceiling look like below ?

A thing of rare beauty.

I was wondering what the rafters looked like.

Did you walk it, Chuck?:smiley:

Expansive and wavy. It was a just recently completed flip. I expect it will look different in a few months.

Two of us walked the roof earlier. Surprisingly, there was no significant visible deflection and it didn’t feel springy. There were multiple cracked rafters throughout the attic.

Walking inside the attic, I elected to stop short of the first “floating” joist.

FWIW here’s how I described it

expansive and wavy…nice…that sounds pleasant…:wink: