Grow ops - Round2

Well it was just a matter of time to go after this market…

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Well it was just a matter of time to go after this market…

Interesting Thanks Claude . I wonder will they require a home BC Inspectors License .
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The grow-op program will be repeated again this Friday PM!!! Got to get all the mileage they can out of it…even if it’s a promo for Little Mikey’s newest endeavour!!

You got that right Brian. It is a televised advertisement for his business using our tax dollars. Anyone want to debate cutting the CBC’s budget now?

And worse still, nobody will say that it is not the responsibility of the home inspector to determine the past use of a house.

It is absolutely incomprehensible that no one is questioning the legal obligations of the real estate profession in this serious matter. Now than before agents are hiding behind their customary disclaimers that the provided listing information is based upon information furnished by the property owner for which they do not assume any responsibility.

With other words: Real estate agents in Canada can in fact collect unchallenged tens of thousands of dollars in commission from selling homes which might have been used as “Marijuana Grow Houses” without any responsibilities by simply advising prospective purchasers to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the provided property description and/or by having a third party home inspection.

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Grow ops

In the past week I have inspected 2 homes that had way more mould/moisture staining on the north facing roof sheathing. Should have I called the police since extensive mould in the attic is a sure sign of a grow-op?

Must be so, Little Mikey says so!!! BTW, he said that he knew all the grow-op signs when he was 18. What the hell was he doing when he was 18??? And there’s a grow-op on every block…so tomorrow go out and interview or spy on all the neighbours!!

Geez, I could be sued big time for missing 2 grow-ops in 1 week!!!

Why be upset with the CBC, Mike Holmes or the Realtors? What about the 3 home inspectors that missed the obvious signs of a grow op? Home inspectors need to be better trained before they go into business. Just my 2 cents.


CBC is doing whatever they can to boost their ratings in order for them to keep their jobs. That company would have folded decades ago if it wasn’t for public money being poured into it in order to produce crappy programing.

Nick,did you have a face lift ,like Michael Jackson