Today's REO Critters-:)

The Pigeon has been sitting in the nest a little too long–:))

The Scorpion was thirsty (but the realtor swore the water was on, wrong again)----:))

patience is a virtue !!!

I need to move to AZ. :slight_smile:

How was the flashing? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not good----:lol: Pigeon $hit----:lol:

Backing up water a tad-----:lol:…it rained here…Wild Huh?-----:lol:

Ah, it’ll dry out in a couple days. :smiley:

At least the pigeons were outside, they sure do stink. We get them around here in attics. Nothing worse than that smell, I call them flying rats. :mrgreen:


Ain’t been around me on an inspection the night after a run to Rosario’s 5-Alarm Cantina…I try to reserve those events for the newbee ride-alongs :shock: :twisted: :shock: Get’s them to think twice about this career path.

evil…truly evil Barry !!!:wink: