toilet height.

Is there any requirement for the height of a toilet. Is saw one yesterday and it was 12 inches high. I cant imagine trying to sit on that thing.

There are different heights made available from several manufacturers. These are specialty toilets for many and various uses. For instance in this case these toilets would of been made for pre-schoolers who are only about 12 inches of the ground when they sit and are not uncommon in day care centres. There are also toilets that are several inches higher than “normal” for people with disablilities to make it easier to get up on down.


I know. But this was in a “normal” house". I just thought it was funny and could not imagine using it.

For there Kids, we almost put one in for our kids. ALMOST, then my senses came back and we skipped that and just put a rectangular stool up by the toilet.


Makes much more sense, that way they will get more use out of it as they “grow into it”.:mrgreen:

12" toilet, hmmmmm, I think a little step stool would be in order for the little ones in my house. ha. ha.
Standard height of toilet is 16 & 1/2". and 18" for ADA. +/- 1/2".

Marcel :slight_smile:

Last time I was abroad the toilet was minus 4 inches high (maybe deep is a better word) with two raised sections for your feet and a chain to pull.

Here’s a nice one, or you can go to Toilets of the World. 12" will seem like a luxury compared to some of these. Some people would give anything for a 12" toilet! :mrgreen:

that was pretty cool. Or should I say relaxing, or should I say relieving. ha. ha.
I think the 16&1/2" toilet works fine. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Where is the magazine rack??? I can assume there is far less time spent in this bathroom… LOL