Toilet clearance.

I would not fit to take a ****.

Nice discharge for the dishwasher!! The flex hose for the dishwasher drains into the laundry tub. NICE!!! Handyman to the rescue.

85906 Cleveland 033 (Small).jpg

85906 Cleveland 033 (Small).jpg

85906 Cleveland 038 (Small).jpg

Nice air gap. :eek:

The IRC clearances for a toilet are 15 inches from the center line to the wall on both sides.

You’d have to lift your right *** cheek in the air to fart!

George & Steve thank you for the laughs:D

Not as bad but still less than minimum.

12 inches from the centerline of the toilet to the adjacent cabinet.

This one looks like newer construction! Wow!:shock:

What the required clearance to a door opening?


Thats not a toilet it is a door stopper.:roll:

Does anyone know how long the 30 inch (15 on center) rule has been around. Had a 1968 home yesterday with two toilets with only 27 inches of clearance.

I report but do not address a required repair unless it is new construction.

Had one Friday. Recommended the vanity base cabinet be changed.

You would have to sit sideways to have enough room on that hopper! Also those faucets were once attached to an old concrete washtub, can tell by the bracket attached to fixture.

That would most likely be grandfathered in.

I think you are supposed to have 24" of clearance in front of the toilet also. Don’t quote me though!

Check out the clearance around this toilet. The sink was practically on top of the toilet bowl. :shock:

Looks like a set-up at a local bar. A drunk can sit down, shi+ and blow chunks in the sink at the same time.