Pet Peeve of the Week

4 inspections this week and the last one today. Everyone had the toilet tanks crooked to the bowl. Maybe I’m just seeing cross-eyed??

Something looks crooked!

Looks like the tank is on correctly but they angled the whole toilet out to gain distance from the wall.

that’s got to be a tight fit…

Helps with aim! :stuck_out_tongue:

The bowl is actually almost straight. Nevertheless, I call it out as a “side saddle toilet”

Wonder what happened to the 15" required between the wall to centerline of the toilet?
Must be some really skinny people in that house. LOL

It looks like it just may clear the 15" requirement, but it’s tight, yeap!

Well judging from the standard toilet tank of 18-20", looks like it’s about no more than 12" from the wall.

Could you imagine doing any work to the toilet maybe something like replacing the supply line or trying to tighten the toilet tank bolts/nuts, something you should have access to but now you have to pull the toilet to do any kind of maintenance

You get female helper with small hands :slight_smile:

I hear ya.

And then sometimes rubbing up against the surrounding walls are just as nasty as the toilet


Good eyes Marcel, it was slightly over 12". The house was built in 1930. Maybe people were smaller then? My client is about 6’-6" and must be close to 300#. He said “I probably won’t be using this bathroom” :laughing:


I’ll have to add “side saddle toilet” to the comment library…