Too common a finding...

Shoddy installs… or missing altogether… :shock:

3428IR 012.jpg

Good one Mike , and yes it would have gone unnoticed without the the thermal .

Went back this afternoon to re photo a Master Bath ceiling where I’d identified a probable leak from the shared bath above (the rounded shading like you see to the right was all you could ‘see’ with the TIR32.)

It didn’t test ‘wet’ with the Protimeter but you could see it with the camera so I suggested it should be opened up and investigated further. Buyer offered to pay for it and they did.

In the picture you can see the very dark (wet) floor joist portions above the square hole; area has a good bit of microbial growth as well.

The original plumbers installed an angled flange to get the toilet farther from the wall and it had cracked when they screwed it down. They used plumbers putty and a thin spacer to ‘repair’ it and set the wax ring and toilet. Three years later here we are…

Seller is repairing and paying for it, buyer very happy. :mrgreen:


Nice job Mike.