Too many wires through main pannel knockout

I’m working on my mock inspections and came across this. The fact that there are like 15 conductors plus grounds going through 1 knockout makes me want to call this out as a major defect but we are not code inspectors and this has apparently has worked fine for the last 50 years… So I just wanted to get your opinion on the matter. Thanks.

Forget major and minor defects. Let your clients decide what is a big deal to him/her and what is not. Explain the details as best as you can as you talk about that.

Maybe this theoretical client is an electrician.

It is a defect without a nm connector. :smile:

The best to you in your career.

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50 years??
Time for a panel replacement due to life expectancy of the panel.
Refer it to a licensed sparky for an evaluation and repairs as he deems necessary.

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That panel isn’t 50 years old…

Sorry, I don’t know how old the panel is but the house is a 1970 era house.