Too much fun at the U.S.N.A

Compilation video of my Daughter’s company (11th, Fighting Tigers) at the Naval Academy.

They have too much fun.


That was great Will
My Son is trying to get on with the Coast Guard right now. He is exercising with a few marines getting in shape. ( they are Killing him LOL)

Ahhh, the good old days. Good to see the kids can still have fun. Neat thing is, at a moments notice they can put it all together and get the mission done.

Cargo nets and flame throwers aren’t such good memories, but with all the serious stuff their dealing with, it’s good they can have a little fun too!

Thanks for sharing that!

The snow sequences are from last year. They had a blizzard that **** the Academy down for a day. Liz, being born and bred in Chicago had no problems (that’s here in the dark jacket) so she took a number of older Mids (She was only a Plebe, at the time) who had never seen snow (from Arizona and Hawaii and some other countries) and took them out. Taught them about snoball fights, and show angels, they she started showing them bow to make “Flying Snow Butt Impressions”, as I taught her.

Lotta fun.