Tools you carry and use

Just wondering what tools you carry while doing an inspection, and those you keep in the tool bag just in case.

I don’t like to have to go back to my vehicle or bag so I carry a belt with the following:

Circut analyzer with 6in flexible extension
Non-contact voltage tester
120/240 voltage meter
Protimeter pinless moisture meter
Slope meter
6in level
Water pressure gage
Insulated Philips screwdriver
Insulated Flathead screwdriver
Small crescent wrench
Multitool plier
Serrated knife
measuring tape
Flir i7 Camera
Cree T6 headlamp
Cell phone
Micro carabiner for subject house keys.
4 way gas key

It took me a while to find the right size pouches for each tool. I use a combination of tool pouches and tactical/clip pouches. Some had to be modified. I cut a hole in a standard pouch so the handle of my thermal camera hangs through. All the pouches have some form of closure (zipper or velcro).

I take the belt off for tight attic hatches.

I wear my camera around my neck.

The only tool that I need to go to the vehicle for is one of my two ladders (unless the home has a crawlspace, then I have a duffel bag with all my crawlspace gear).

For mold testing, I have everything needed in two cases.

The vehicle is full of additional, rarely needed tools but for most homes, everything needed is on my belt.

The only tools I carry on my person is my camera, (around my neck) my flashlight (small), a none contact voltage tester and a crack gauge for brick veneer and dry wall cracks. I bring my remaining tools into the kitchen and work from there. Tools I use on every inspection are my IR camera, amp meter, combination CFM and temp meter, CO meter unless the home is total electric.

My sewer camera and my drone stay in the truck unless needed

PS I also have a partner I carry (my son)

Good morning everyone,

Just getting the business up and running and looking for a little direction in the tools category. I am curious on what everyone would recommend for a brand new inspector when it comes to things like a temp gun, moister meter, digital camera and other specialty items starting off. I am looking for something that is user friendly and dependable.

I have a list of tools but there is so much out there that some guidance would be appreciated.


I carry similar to Eugene, however, the biggest issue is how to carry those tools.