What do you carry on your person?

…at all times during the inspection?

Still trying to decide if I’m going to be a walking vending machine of inspection equipment or just cell phone/camera/flashlight.

What do you do?

I leave most of my equipment in the truck to use as needed. I carry in a shoulder bag with my outlet tester, flashlight, screwdriver, iPad mini, and other smaller stuff.

Most tools are in a foam lined briefcase. It remains open on the counter during the inspection. Everything is readily available and since the holes in the foam are specific shaped, I know at a glance if anything is missing. No more left behind tools.

Carries just about everything I need and those other rarely used tools are in another case that is left in the truck.

Flashlight on my hip clip. Outlet tester in my shirt pocket. Olympus Tough camera in left pant pocket. Samsung S4 for reports / phone. Everything else is in the case. 5 way screwdriver comes out when I start the furnace / electric, otherwise not needed.

Here’s what I use, has my computer, tools, meters and ect. It tools on wheels. Pick it up a thrift shop here in town for under $15. Works great for me.:mrgreen:

I carry a Glock compact 9 second generation!not the sub compact cuz my hand is too big

I have pretty much the same setup as Stephen. I have my Eagle Tac flashlight clipped to my belt, and a tester in my pocket.

Everything else can be accessed from tool case in kitchen. I don’t like lugging a bunch of stuff around.

Dang Roy!! Packing Heat:D

Well, if we’re talking self defense… Ruger LCP. Very discrete. Haha.

Brochures. Hand them out like candy.

if you lived where I’m at. Look me up on the map and you would find that most inspections i do you hear dualing banjos playing in the background. Yes I carry my gun with me wherever I go ,never know we have to do in a real estate agent huh! to ease the mind of others I have had a concealed weapons permit for 20 years

I have a “bat belt” of my most used tools. Then I bring in a nice tool case on wheels that have the things that only come out sometimes, but I need to have close

I am so used to having a tool belt around me I wouldn’t feel right with out it. Tape measure, outlet tester, moisture meter, phone, flashlight, 6 way tool driver, AC sniffer, awl, small magnet, telescoping mirror, pocket knife, extra camera battery, needle nose yes it saved me and a realtor one day when she closed the bedroom door and the handle fell completely out :roll: boy was she embarrassed, I had us out in no time. I have my camera on a lashing around my neck and slips into my shirt pocket I never drop it that way. Tool box, inspection scope and level is in the truck along with a painters pole to move insulation at rim joists when needed.

you guys make me feel I walk in naked.

I carry my Samsung 4.

My assistant carries the tool bag with everything I need in it. The only trouble is if I’m somewhere in the house where he is not, then I have to yell for him to bring me something.

I hear you, I saw the areas you service on your website and I don’t blame you. There are so many crazy people out there and you have to protect your self.

An friggin’ assistant !
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Roy’s post about the son in law disappeared. But haven’t you been watching Mikes posts? It’s his uncle daddy, or nephew son:|.):|.)

I guess it didn’t disappear!

This is what I use.

Nice, almost went for that but I went for the laptop bag as you see in my above post in this thread. That way I also can bring my marketing materials with me. I don’t have any really bulky tools at this time just small meters and hand tools. But Stanley makes a good toolbox. Great advertising on the CMI logo.:mrgreen: