Top Secret email regarding grandfathering, home inspection, contractors, and mold.

And the battle continues.


Home Inspector/Contractor has a conversation with his helper Billy:Inspector: *Hey Billy, do we have a new water heater on the truck? *

Billy: *Yes boss. *

Inspector: Well then, I’m going to tell them they need a new water heater in my inspection report.

** Billy:** But boss, you haven’t inspected the water heater yet. How do you know it needs to be replaced?

Inspector: *Hee hee. That’s why I’m the boss and you’re the helper Billy. I’m also a member of the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals.

Billy: You’re so smart boss. You always seem to know exactly what we’re going to need on the truck to do an inspection and make the repairs.

Inspector: Hee hee.

I recommend that all who support the bill that keep conspectors from using home inspection reports as job bids simply cut and paste Nick’s post and email it to the Governor. He can read it along with all of the emails that the conspectors will be sending him.

Gotta just love their COE…

I particulary like their requirement of **7 **CE’s per year. Now that’s professionalism! :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that repeating the third grade will fulfill the annual requirement.